Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Invaders

Confession time - I have a not so secret love for tacky christmas sweaters. Nothing says "bring on the festivities" quite like a hand knit snowy scene, but unfortunately I haven't managed to land my hands on just the right one yet (or even better - his and hers matching sweaters for future Kate and Fraser xmas card photo shoots). Well, when I saw the non-itchy and incredibly geeky silk screened space invaders take on the ugly xmas look, I just had to share it with all of you:

Isn't it awesome? I may be a bit young to actually enjoy the full novelty of space invaders (that can be saved for those born in the 70's) but I do love the geek reference. I also really enjoy the white, grey, red, and green holiday colour scheme! Unfortunately the black tshirt colour may be a bit much for my ultra pale red-headedness, so perhaps I should think about investing in one of these silk screened holiday tees from Vardagan instead:

Ooohooo! What a perfect combination of classic xmas knit type pattern with the joys of a layerable (and not used) tshirt! It may be a bit late to jump on this train for 2011, but watch out 2012 (and Fraser)! How do you feel about ugly christmas sweaters? Anyone up for a sweater party?


  1. I will have to keep my eyes open for something ugly.

  2. I will have to knit you something ugly for next year. In jewel tones!

    (And you DID buy that space invaders shirt for Fraser, right?)