Thursday, December 15, 2011

luxurious mushrooms

I'm always stoked to see people enjoy my buttons, and am extra thrilled that Kaylah of the Dainty Squid is enjoying her mushroom buttons I sent her! She even put them in a cute little blog post about things that make her smile, and boy do they ever look luxurious on red fabric:

Aren't they dear? I really love getting a glimpse of how other people photograph pinback buttons and hopefully in the new year I'll get a chance to play around with my camera and lighting to take some new shots for my etsy shop. Until then I will just keep enjoying all the lovely comments I get from lovely buyers that makes craft selling oh so wonderful! Thanks everyone!


  1. Your buttons are like bobby pins.
    I have them all, then a few disappear.
    After some time, when all hope is lost,
    They come back from the strangest places.

  2. They sure do look nice on red. I love all of your pin-back buttons.

  3. Hi Kate!

    They look great(: I´m still enjoying my little fox pin! I can´t wait to have money and buy some of your lovely things. Im still dreaming about the avocado felt brooch...

    Have a lovely weekend!