Thursday, December 8, 2011

Something is missing...

Well the holiday festiveness is growing here at the ol' Fraser and Kate pad! Not only have I managed to (more or less) finish off the bulk of my xmas shopping, but I've also got all my holiday cards in the mail, my sister and nieces' presents shipped out, and a wreath on the front door! But wait! That's not all! The other day Fraser was kind enough to "chop down" (a.k.a go to the storage locker downstairs and take out of the plastic bag) a little tree for us! Then all we had to was throw on the Charlie Brown Christmas cd and get decorating! Hooray! I am totally in love with having a fake table top tree (and the fact that I left the lights on it so I didn't have to painstakingly attempt that again)! We even have a few new ornaments this year (two kitties from Fraser's mom as well as a few acorns to go with our house's "squirrel" theme) to jazz it up even more! We are, however, missing one live decoration that would add some much needed fuzziness...behold - kitties in christmas trees:

Ahahahaha! Serves us right to bring a tree inside, cover it with shiny things, and then yell at the cat now to play in it! What a bunch of meanies we all are. Too bad we're still very much cat-less as we have not cured Fraser's allergies and still live in (an amazing but unfortunately) pet free building. Alas. Looks like I will have to settle for this blog post of holiday fuzz therapy instead! Any cat owners out there ever struggle with their own indoor tree climbing incidents? How are everyone's holiday preparations going?

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  1. You can enjoy Percy the Evil when you go to Mom and Dad's. Maybe he'll be enough to make you not want a cat anymore!

    We'll see if babies like trees too! I think shiny things that they're not allowed to touch are tempting for babies as well as kitties.