Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Find: The Blooming Thread

Florals, buttons, felt and brooches combine to make one fantastic accessories section over at etsy's The Blooming Thread! Just take a peek at these beauties:

I love the combination of different textures, patterns, and colours to make such gorgeous pins! Brooches not your cup of tea? Not to worry - the blooming thread has a wide variety of handmade goodies to chose from so I'm sure you'll find something to swoon over.

In other news - today I am heading home for xmas vacation! Goodbye mild loveliness of Victoria and hello well loved friends and family in Kamloops! It also means I will be away from the etsy shop for the rest of December (which, isn't really that tragic since the holiday shipping deadlines are long past). And don't fret my wonderful blog readers, I may be away from the WiFi, but I'll you'll have lots of festive kate posts to keep you company while I'm away! Happy Friday!