Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Grab the pinking shears!

Nothing like some good old fashioned homemade bows to bring out the holiday festiveness! Who knew you could make brown paper packages look so good? Just take a peek at the gauze, canvas, and burlap awesomeness from For the Love:

Aren't they just lovely? I totally need to whip out the pinking shears and give them a try! Heck, don't stop at the burlap - could you imagine these in...say...felt!?!?! Ack! Looks like I need to start rethinking my xmas wrapping plans! What do you think? Have you ever successfully made your own bows?


  1. I just might have to start putting bows on my Christmas gifts. But that will have to wait for me to get all of my Christmas gifts ready for wrapping.

  2. You know where else those would look awesome? IN YOUR HAIR! Like on a headband or barrette!