Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Decoration Roundup!

It may seem a little last minute to still be making decorations - but that is what christmas vacation is all about (okay...not necessarily ornament making, but crafts anyways...). I actually came across so many ornament tutorials this year that I just had to show them to all of you! Let's go:

1) Embroidered Felt Friends (from Wild Olive c/o Sunshine and Carousels)

You know I can't resist a good felt and embroidery project! Especially one letting me anthropomorphize cute little smiles on things! Wild Olive is a girl from my own heart, and her patterns are just darling!

2) Ball Ninja Ornament (via the Cheese Thief)

Another project showing us that simple is better! All you need to do is paint a little skin path on some usually drab decorations, then grab a sharpie and you're done! Who doesn't love ninjas (and super quick craft projects!)?

3) Painted wooden circles (from Apartment Therapy)

Another quick and simple project to help you festive up the joint just in time for Santa! In this tutorial, you just need to buy some wooden disks, attach some eye hooks, and get painting! The best part of this one? Once you're done you could always stash the hook with the decorations and turn your masterpiece into a pendant! What fun! I think some geometric shapes and jewel tone neutrals are calling...

Well, chances are I'll be too busy this holiday to get to these, but you never know, they are quite appealing! What do you think? Do you ever make your own xmas decorations?


  1. I love the embroidered felt friends!

  2. Love the felt and ninja! Not so crazy about the painted wooden circles.

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