Saturday, December 17, 2011

xmas cookies!

Fraser and I decided to start our own holiday tradition this year and spend the day baking xmas goodies together! Six batches, and loads of xmas tunes later and we've got ourselves quite the selection of cookies to share. Check them out:

Oh what fun! Looks like that little round dish is quickly becoming my go to cookie display for blog pics (also seen with my healthy oat cookie recipe) but it sure seems to do the trick! As far as the goodies go, we made red and green sugar cookie squirrels, sugar and spice cookies, my own interpretation of chai eggnog latte cookies, shortbread, and (gluten free) angel sweets! Yum! Such a lovely selection of some of my (and Fraser's) favourites! How is your holiday baking going? What are your fav go to cookies?


  1. This is a lovely tradition, I wish I have the time to bake cookies, I ve done it the last 3 years, but it seems like this year is not gonna happen):
    Your cookies looks delicious!

    Have an awesome day Kate(;


  2. Next you have to make sugar free cookies. Well, maybe not as I am not a cookie monster like one person I could name.