Saturday, December 10, 2011

double bacon

A few weeks ago I asked all of you for help coming up with ideas for my polar opposite to me secret santa partner at work. I went with the "gag gift" theme everyone suggested for me and searched downtown for a suitable present. I ended up finding the perfect humor book full of unusual and odd facts (something my coworker already does all the time giving him further fodder)! Aha! I thought I'd throw in something handmade to spice up the gift giving a bit more and made some bacon ornaments:

Aren't they cute? I just can't say no to some wide set eye smiles and felt! Plus, the bacon ornament I made last year was such a big hit at work I'm hoping he is this xmas too! Only time will tell though, the party is tomorrow night. Looks like I need to get wrapping! How is your weekend going?