Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Painted Plastic Animals - Holiday Edition

If you're a regular on the blog I'm sure you know how in love I am with plastic animal crafts. I've got four DIYs piled up on my crafty to do list (link) and as soon as I saw these glittery animal ornaments I knew the tally would go up to five. Who could resist a sparkly stegosaurus, platypus, rhino, or octopus?

Oh man these are awesome! Looks like I definitely need to find a good source for little plastic animals so I can get creating. I did manage to buy a few woodland creatures I'm going to make some adorable storage out of, but I think the bizarre clash of random animals works best for the xmas ornament project. The folks at Curbly (the makers of the project) found their plastic friends at Michael's (on sale!) so I guess I'll need to follow the flyers and watch for a good deal. The animals I picked up were a tad pricey, so I would love to find some thrifty pals to continue with my painted plastic animal crafts! Anyone have any suggestions on where to pick some up? Are you drooling over the glittery pink dino as much as I am?


  1. The dollar stores here are awful compared to the gems in Kamloops! Looks like we've got ourselves a bargain hunt when I get back!

  2. Your web site hates me. It won't let me comment! Okay I am trying again. My would say Toys Are Us.