Monday, May 21, 2012

Back from the Highland Games

The Highland Games turned out to be just as lovely as I had hoped and I am so happy I got to go! It was a fun packed day of Scottish celebration and the weather was just perfect! Kilts and sunshine for everyone! Hooray! And oh, the bagpipes:

There were loads of activities throughout the day including concerts, whiskey tastings, haggis hurling, kilt races, falcon demonstrations, clan booths, heritage information booths, and pretty much every Scottish thing you could stick in a park in Victoria! What fun! My favourite part of the games was definitely the herding competitions. Nothing like a field full of cute animals to perk up an event right? Those are some talented pups too! Check them out:


Okay, so the duck herding was much more entertaining than the sheep (those frisky ducks just loved going off course) and there were two dogs herding them! Adorable!

Second up on my favourites list? The beer garden! No pesky kids to get in the way and finally some seats in the shade. Oh, and plentiful, relatively inexpensive refreshing beverages too! What's not to like? I asked Jim to take a picture of me and I'm sad to say this was the best one of the group:

Haha, oh dear. Being photogenic certainly isn't on my list of life accomplishments but oh well. At least I was substantially slathered with SPF so I managed to stay burn free in all the sunshine! 

Last up on my list of faves? The manly heavy hurling contests on the upper fields! Talk about some beefy men in kilts! I think I have a lot of weight training ahead of me if I ever plan on tossing a caber or shot putting a giant 26 lb stone 40 yards! It was quite stunning to watch though:

Whew! What a weekend! What did you get up to?

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  1. Sorry I misses it. Next year hopefully. :)