Sunday, May 27, 2012

sundays are for sleeping

Happy Sunday! What a great way to end the week than with a nice relaxing lazy day on a chaise:

 Okay, so my day will involve much more crafting than lazing, but when I saw that cute sleepy kitty I just had to share him! At first I did a double take and thought it was a giant cat - but no, it's just a very stylish cat bed (available here).  I think it would be awesome to have matching human and cat sized furniture but knowing my luck I'd spend a fortune and the cat would end up not even remotely using his coordinated couch. Alas, I'll stick with the dream for now and spend my Sunday relaxing and catching up with Fraser! Hooray! He's finally home after his 6 week practicum! Happy Sunday everyone! What are your plans?


  1. That looks exactly like what I would like to do today...

  2. I kind of thought it was photoshopped. I think you're right about spending a fortune and then having the cat shun it for a box or something.