Sunday, May 6, 2012

With summer peeking just around the corner it's time to think about craft shows! Besides my endless hours of crafting I have ahead of me (oy!), I've been brainstorming new ways to freshen up my booth! I've really been enjoying searching pinterest for fun display idea and even started my own board for inspiration! Hooray for the internet and its endless inspiration! Although I am already quite pleased with my set up I've got so far, I seem to keep expanding the products I want to sell and need to start thinking vertically! Sure the table space may be limited, but the sky isn't! I'd really like to come up with a stable, easy to transport, and interesting way to add a little more height for display and think these stacked boxes from Apartment Therapy might be the perfect solution:

Aren't they neat?I love the painted and stacked box idea and although I wouldn't go for black (more likely wood tone, white, or cream), I really like this idea. Plus all the boxes stack together for easy travel and can be picked up at craft stores! I haven't actually checked on their availability at Michaels yet...but if all else fails I do have one handy Fraser kicking around who I am sure could manage this project. Perhaps it would be fun to just make wooden square frames (minus the bottom of the box/the back) to you could get a little more light in there and clamp the cubes together for a little added stability. The hooks are a totally sweet idea and despite a few minor details, I'm sure I could modify this baby to make it work! What do you think? Any other suggestions for a more successful use of vertical space on a craft table?


  1. I think that the handy Fraser should start work on these before he leaves his parents workshop full of power tools.

  2. You might want to check Ikea or a decorating store too, since they might have baskets or something that would also work. I love this idea.

    Oh, have you thought of having a hanging piece of dowel that you could hang necklaces or clutches from? Sort of like a closet rod, but smaller? Might work.

  3. They look good! I'm a big fan of the bracelets on hooks ^_^ I recently made a giant necklace holder for myself - it's just plywood with nails hammered in but it works perfectly ^_^ Mine is just leaning against the wall, but I assume for a craft fair display you would need some kind of back support ...

    I also have a wooden ladder that I have hammered nails to and then wrapped yarn around the nails to make mini washing-line type storage. I use mini pegs to hang up my hats and gloves and I think it looks quite sweet. For a craft table, maybe you could find a small (really small!) ladder and use tiny pegs to hang prints?

    I wish you luck finding your wooden squares! ^_^ (Or luck to Fraser if he ends up making them!)