Saturday, May 5, 2012

Paper Bows

My sister and I used to have loads of fun cutting up old magazines in high school for collages, and although that was quite a while ago (over 10 years in fact), I still like the idea of using old magazines for crafts. When I came across these awesome origami bows from How About Orange it brought back all those fond memories. Okay, so mashes of cut up images aren't exactly on par with these crisp folded pages, but they are both from magazines so the jump wasn't that far. Just look how awesome they are:

What a fun way to reuse all those old Self magazines I seem to hold onto! And you can take the project one step further and make your own bow banner like Janel did at Run with Scissors:

Neat! I really like the spiral red and white cotton string she used to tie it all together and I even have my own spool of that (in blue) somewhere in my craft room! Okay, admittedly I wouldn't even know where to start to look for that spool (I bought it last year in San Fransisco) but once Fraser is finished his practicum he's promised to devote a few days for helping me organize. It is so much easier to get big tasks like that done with an extra set of hands (and eyes)! What a great guy! As for now, Looks like I need to start practicing my bow making and paper folding! What do you think? What would you do with old magazine paper bows?


  1. Very nice! I could probably use them for a kid's room or birthday party, though I suspect I'd be too picky about finding just the right magazine page to truly enjoy making them. Love the string though!

  2. I could make one as a toy for Percy. He like to chase things around the living rome. Mom

  3. super cute idea <3 thanks for sharing it kate!

    Hope you´re having a fun weekend(:


  4. Good luck organising your craft room! I don't know what I would do with magazine bows apart from the obvious of sticking them onto presents! (I'm so unoriginal! ^_^) They are very cute though ^_^