Monday, May 14, 2012

Cute Felt Boxes

Happy Monday! While I am busy soaking up my last few moments of mini break, I thought I'd share a project that I'm dying to try out! After all - it has some of my most favourite elements:

1) Felt!
2) Organization!
3) Quick and simple instructions!

Hooray! More exclamation marks required!!!! Take a peek at the sweet felt boxes from How About Orange:


Yup, I'm pretty much in love with these little boxes and clearly need to come up with a use for them so I can rationalize wasting a few hours experimenting! What do you think? What would you use felt boxes for?


  1. Would they make good jewelry boxes? Wouldn't scratch anything I guess. :)

  2. I would probably pin them to my "stuff for Kate" board! Aren't these colour combinations amazing, too! If they're not too hard to make, you could sell them to go as gift boxes with your necklaces and other jewelry too. I see lots of opportunities for these for craft shows.

  3. They would make awesome little stationery boxes. Like one for paper clips, another for sharpeners, etc.

  4. I'd probably just end up using those boxes to hide more crap. You know that junk that doesn't really have a home, so you shove it in a box/bag/drawer.

  5. I agree with Flippy Doodle; I'd love these on my desk at work! ^_^

  6. You could use them for special orders of earring, necklaces or rings and such!