Monday, May 7, 2012

DIY notebook jacket

Although I'm still trying to get the hang of the new blogger posting system (to all those non-blogging people out there - it changed dramatically), I am enjoying being able to sift through all my draft blog posts with such ease! It also makes blogging a bit easier for me since I am on a mini break in Kamloops right now and wanted to schedule a ton of posts to make my vacation a little more stress free! How lovely! Here's one project that I found back in 2010 (oh my) that I still think is just awesome. Behold - notebook jackets from lune vintage:

What a marvelous idea! You can customize your own journal (or sketch book if you'd prefer) super easily just by spending an hour (well...probably less than that if you're a sewing pro) with your sewing machine and an old tea towel! Heck, you could even use some old scraps of fabric you have kicking around and make it to fit any size of journal you'd like. I totally want to make one for my little black book of ideas I like to carry around with me. Lindsay actually suggested I start using one of those mini books since its nice to get all your thoughts in one place you can look back on (which is ideal for blog post inspiration on the fly)! How cool! Now if only I could find a tea towel as awesome as that deer one at a thrift shop. Looks like I'll be keeping my eyes peeled! What do you think? Do you keep a journal or note book handy? 


  1. I should definitely make one of these for a sketch book.

  2. I am a bit in love with that vintage tea-towel ... ^_^ I don't carry notebooks around though, I mostly make notes on my phone; because it syncs to my work and home pcs I don't loose my notes anymore ^_^

  3. Very cool! I'd like it for a dayplanner (if I used one). Or I'd like it for just coveting and having look pretty around my house.