Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Totoro Plush!

Much like the sweet "spam filter" pinterest board Lindsay made for me, my sister has her own "stuff for kate" pin board and every time she puts something on there I quickly fall in love with it! Oh my! Guess those two ladies just know me too well - and I'm totally dying to make my own Totoro plush like the one Leslie put on my stuff for kate board! Take a look:

Ack! This project from cheek and stitch is just too perfect! Who doesn't need a plush Totoro to keep them company? Heck even the DIY is cute (and simple):

Yay! Looks like I've got yet another project for my spare time! Keep up the pins ladies! Hooray!


  1. It would be super complicated to make, but I would love to see a plush cat-bus. Sooooo many legs.

  2. The cat-bus WOULD be cool! Amazing, actually! You could hug this while wearing your totoro mittens, if I ever send them to you...

    Oh, and as for my pinterest Kate board, I mostly just pin things that are related to mason jars or pompoms! Or quinoa mac and cheese...

  3. AWESOME! I've seen a crochet pattern for totoro that I have been wanting to try! Need to do it soon!!

  4. I have a Totoro plush that I love to bits. He is the blue smaller one and has gone a little more grey on his tummy, but he is still delightfully squishy and loved. Totoro is pretty much the epitome of cute.

  5. I TOTALLY need a big version for my collection!!!!!!
    Also... OMG quinoa mac and cheese!!! I forgot about how much I wanna make that! JULY VISIT, it will happen!