Saturday, May 12, 2012

Geometric Shrinky Dinks

Oh man the internet is an endless source of amazing inspiration! Today's project is brought to us by Desiree from Suddenly Found and boy am I ever excited to try this one out - take a peek: 

That's right! DIY geometric patterned shrinky dink necklaces! How fun (and easy)!  I love the simplicity and since I'm all over geometric shapes lately this one is perfect. Heck, she's even got some chevron in there. Oh my! You could even throw some coloured sharpies in there and get into a whole different level of awesome. Ack! I think I need to stop finding so many projects and get to making some of them. What do you think? Want to make some necklaces with me?


  1. THAT'S AWESOME! Do you have any shrinky dink plastic? We should make some when we visit.

  2. Another great one for the July Trip