Saturday, May 19, 2012

Highland Weekend

 Last weekend Jim and I spend the Saturday out on the town. We stopped by a vintage fair, browsed the Moss Street market, and drove downtown to catch a glimpse of the Tweed Bicycle Riders. To top off all the fun we got stopped by the police and managed to get a great front row seat to the Highland Games Parade! What are the chances?  What a great Saturday! Luckily we even managed to take some pictures of our roadside seats - check it out:

Can you believe what a great (and totally unplanned) view we got? And all the kilts! Oh my!


Hooray! I love parades! And since Jim was nice enough to agree to stay another week (so he can take me to a specialist appointment I'm  not allowed to drive to) we get to spend this weekend checking out the Highland Games! Have you ever been to one before? I hope it's as fun as the parade was! Happy weekend!


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing about this!