Saturday, February 20, 2010

Adorable Plush Microbe Goodness!

After many months of being sold out of two of my most popular plush microbes (anthrax and chlamydia) my shop is finally restocked! I couldn't find the same light orange and blue fleece that I had for my first round of microbe friends so they're now in gold and teal! I love how they turned out and I think the group bacillus shots are super adorable! So many little cute smiles!

I've even found a new source for their 12mm black safety eyes which has fantastic selection and prices on plush supplies (and it is on etsy - extra bonus)! I must say re-doing my microbe plush pictures was pretty tricky, hence putting off updating them for so long! I'm still not totally sold on how the lighting looks. Hopefully I'll get around to making a light box one of these days and be able to redo them. In the mean time these will have to do until I get through more of my crafty to-do list items. But they are awfully cute don't you think?

In other news - Happy 57th birthday mom! (That's right - I just told the world how old you are) Love you!


  1. Cute! I can't believe I don't have any of those yet! My birthday is exactly 4 weeks away, you know... Happy Birthday to Mom too :)

    Speaking of Mom, how many of those cute lil bad-boys came from the sweat-shop of mom? teehee.

  2. I might have had a hand in making them! They sure are cute. I still like the goldfish one I made for Kate by adapting the virus pattern. I don't care that everyone knows my age, as long as I keep getting older. Mom