Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pinback Peek (1 of 6)

After many weeks of wide set eye smile drawing, I've finally made some progress on my new collections of pinback buttons to add to my shop! Six whole new sets in fact! Exciting! As you may remember, I held a button brainstorming giveaway allowing my beloved readers the opportunity to aid in my creative process and to potentially win some free buttons too. I tried really, really hard to make designs based on the ideas each commenter suggested but unfortunately am just not that skilled. And although I very much did not plan it this way, I may have chosen almost exclusively design ideas my sister came with....(no wonder she thought my blog should be called "scientific culture and leslie"). I swear - she just knows what anthropomorphic items I'd select and to give her credit - they were some pretty awesome ideas. So once they're complete 5 of the 6 sets are headed your way les! Lucky you!

Since I'm sure you're dying to find out what these new buttons are going to be, I thought I'd sprinkle a peek at each of them into my blog for the next while! I'm also hoping this will keep you all on the edge of your seats to see what posts will come up each morning at 9 am too! It also gives you ample opportunity to comment up a storm and tell me specific opinions about each set (verses the sensory cute overload showing all six sets at once would cause - I'm just thinking of your health here!). So behold - a glance at my first new pinback button design - Geek Wear:

Nothing says, "I'm a huge geek!" quite like a pocket protector, bow tie, and calculator! I'm hoping this one appeals to the geekery and science fans as well as a slight overlap into lovers of bows! I'm really pleased with how this one turned out and am especially fond of the colours I picked. I thought I'd better start off with this set since it's my mom's favourite and I thought I'd aim to win over any giveaway non-winners on this set's charmingly sweet disposition! I mean look at those little smiles! Who wouldn't love them? Which one do you like best?


  1. Hurray for pocket protectors! Not to leave out bow ties ( I have a couple of halloween bow ties that you actually have to tie). Every Halloween I have to stretch my mind muscles and try to tie them, closing my eyes helps me imagine them tied. Who could forget the calculator I love his little red heart. Mom

  2. I like the bowtie bcuz it reminds me of Bill Nye the Science Guy!

  3. OWNED!!!!

    Or at least, I will own those when you send them to me :)


    So cute.

  4. Love the bow tie, as a total geek and lover of bows! :)