Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crafty Valentines

Even though I am not fond of the sappy celebrations associated with feb 14th, I am starting to warm up to some of the lovey crafts I've been seeing on the internet lately. I think the darling recycled sweater love robot triggered this slight open mindedness to valentines and best of all sew green even has a tutorial! And since I'm incapable of snubbing wonderful DIY projects here are a few you can try out for this sunday:

If a sweater robot is too ambitious for you the other three projects above promise to be much less time consuming (find them here - valentine garland, tiny crochet hearts, knit hearts). But hey, if you feel like an overachiever there's a complete list of heart crafts available at threadbanger (link) too! Rats - I'm doing a terrible job of being anti-valentines...oh well...I hope you don't mind...


  1. I like Valentines Day. Maybe because I have a sweetheart (husband) who probably won't get me anything but I'll still get out there and get him a mushy card. Beryle

  2. So cute! I totally want to make the mini hearts! And send them to Dan Mangan and get him to take a picture of himself with them!