Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mystery Mail

The other day I received the most peculiar package - a large brown box addressed to me from rhode island. What's odd about that you say? Well, I don't know anyone from rhode island and I certainly haven't purchased anything from anywhere around there lately (especially not to be arriving in such a large box! and trust me, I pay tight attention to potential mail I may be getting). So I opened it up and this is what was inside:

Yup. Random. A "make your own chewing gum" kit! It looks super cool and even has an informational booklet with fun facts on gum making! Cool! I can't wait to try it out once I have a kitchen again (actually I'm pretty excited to have any amount of kitchen back - being cupboard, stove, and sink-less is awful).

So one question remains: who the heck sent this to me? I guess if I die from poison gum consumption you can be worried (and won't be reading any more of my blog posts) and if not...then the mystery mailer doesn't hate me. Any idea on who it could be?


  1. Is it sugar free? If it is then I can try out your chewing gum. I, too, wonder where it came from. Oh, look out your window it is snowing this morning. Mom

  2. How strange, a mystery package. I can't help you there on who might have sent it. Hmmm, a mystery person. That's cool to be able to make your own chewing gum. :O)

  3. Ooooh! That's the perfect present to re-gift and give to your sis for my, er, "her" birthday next month!

    As for the kitchen thing, I don't think you should complain that you're getting a new kitchen that a) you don't have to pay for, and b) you don't have to install. Sheesh.

  4. I remember you telling me about this and I thought it was super sketchy to get a gum making kit in the mail until you actually showed me the package. I wonder if it's Toucan flavored?


  5. lol! How funny is that. I promise it wasn't me hehe

  6. What a sweet chum to send you a kit to make gum!
    Please let us know how you like the outcome!
    - The Glee Guy, humble mascot of Glee Gum & Make Your Own Candy Kits

  7. P.S. Oops, I put an extra "e" in my web address! Gosh, computers are way harder to use than chewing gum...