Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Find: rosie ok

A few weeks ago I did a friday find on a sweet shop selling knit plush patterns so I thought this week I'd really stir things up and showcase the etsy shop rosie ok who sells crochet plush (amigurimi) patterns! Wonderful! Especially because I'm so skilled with a hook! Take a glance at a few of my favourites:

I originally thought I'd just show one pattern but I couldn't decide which I liked best! I mean look at that little fox! And the wide set eye adorableness of that bear! Or those darling octopus legs! Ack! Or those bird's toes! So cute! I especially enjoy the charming backdrops she takes all her pictures with - such a nice detail! Which ones do you like?


  1. I'm just wondering what kind of forest has foxes, huge birds, bears, AND octopi...

  2. You should google the tree octopus some time. Neal "taught" his planning 10 class all about them (while discussing accuracy on the internet).

    I like the octopi, but I am partial to ocean creatures, like Lil Buddy.