Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Moment with Dan

As you recall, I recently attended the most fantastic aiden knight/dan mangan concert and at the end of the show gave a set of love robot buttons to my "robots need love too" idol dan! Well to make my life complete take a look at this shot of him:

That's right! Dan Mangan, a lime, and my buttons! A little hard to see you say? Here's a closer peek:

Okay - so I'm terrible at photoshop. But a girl can dream can't she? What a wonderful imaginary moment this has been! And since I'm making things up anyways - I think dan mangan should be my valentine this year!! *Swoon* Keep up the good work dan!


  1. Hehehe :)

    So let me get this straight... You love Dan Mangan, so much in fact, that you'll photoshop a picture of him wearing your buttons. But you won't come visit Smithers, current home of your sister, and hometown of Dan Mangan?

    Sheesh. That makes less sense than a stack of rubbermade organizers filled with cats! Hehehe:)

  2. This may also be my current desktop image...

  3. This was pure awesome until I learned it was photoshopped - then it just made me sad to learn they weren't actually being worn!

    Also, Dan Mangan looks completely different here than how I remember him. But then, I only remember seeing him in a super dark club, in between bouts of trying to find an entirely different kind of button on the floor of Element....

  4. You know, I'll bet he really is wearing those buttons and pondering a lime AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

  5. Yeah for Kate! I am taking time out of my Olympic TV watching to make this comment. Mom

  6. Ha ha, really had me there ! I was all excited for you...but then I realized...and now it's just "okay".

    Hope you had an amazing Valentine's Day!