Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February!

New month, new playlist, new kittens inspired by kittens inspired calendar page to enjoy!

Loads of exciting things happening this month too! I'm looking forward to a february of crafting, road trips, anti-valentine's day, bdays, and dan mangan! What wonderful things does your february promise?


  1. I must say that cat looks like a monday morning - grumpy and grizzled. Mom

  2. Road Trips!? Lucky!

    Lesse, here. My february? Um, Poker Nights, a hockey game or two, finally going to start running again, and... um... working? No Dan Mangan, unfortunately.

  3. My February means new semester and having to teach some more... blah. At least it also means that March is getting nearer, and so is Spring Break. I think this year we'll go to.... Prince Rupert!