Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cowboy Mustache Cat

Fraser and I often brainstorm cute crafty ideas to broaden the selection in my shop. One topic we're particularly fond of discussing is items relating to my sold out pinback button/magnet mustache cats! I really like the idea of having some mustache cat tea/coffee themed something or other (mug? or tea cozy maybe?) with each kitty with a different stereotypical type of mug - sophiticat with a tea cup and saucer, french cat with a demitasse, and sheriff cat with a camp style tin mug. Adorable right? One issue I have with this scheme is that I'd have to figure out how to draw bodies on the cats and although I do have skills with wide set eye smiles, I'm not exactly a trained and experienced artist. Fraser, however, is outrageously talented. So I thought I'd share the super adorable picture he drew me of cowboy cat:

Look at those sweet boots with spurs! So cute! It certainly puts my button images to shame but I suppose this doesn't quite mesh with my defined "not quite symmetrical" uber cute drawing style. Seriously though, this image just makes me want to rub his little fluffy white sheriff belly! *fluff belly!* Aww! And to continue with the fraser drawn cowboy kitties theme here's a sketch of deputy mustache cat:

That poncho is to die for! Awesome! What a great boyfriend I have :)


  1. How cute! I love them both! But I do love cats! (Remember Percy the mean but lovable house cat.) Mom

  2. Aww, they are both so cute. I really like the poncho kitty :D

  3. Adorable Kitties!
    You've got some serious talents!

  4. You should totally steal Fraser's ideas! Those are awesome!