Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Find: FinestImaginary

Thanks to my endless hours of etsy shopping I stumbled across the wonderful etched acrylic goodness of Finest Imaginary! Check out my personal favourite:

Nothing quite says, "I'm super cool" like a glassware pendant! (must be the science geek in my talking). But if beakers aren't your thing, they've got a wide variety of laser cut wonders! Here's a few more I love:

Wonderful detail, great shapes, and reasonable prices! What else could you ask for?

In other news - thanks to the fantastic completion of my msoe january team challenge I've been featured in a treasury! You've got until saturday morning to check it out online or just take a peek here:

And while you're at it go to the msoe blog and vote for your favourite challenge entry!! *hint hint*...


  1. Update - I may have purchased two of these necklaces....and by "may have" I mean "most certainly"...

  2. Good call. Because those necklaces scream "Kate".

  3. Which ones? I want to buy some too, and I think it's embarrassing that we always independently buy the same things.

  4. Well leslie, I think that this is going to be yet another one of those occasions. I bought the tea pot and fox.

  5. I bet most people would have thought that you would purchase the beakers! Mom