Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nut and Bee and Moo

I've been a huge fan of the adorable character goods of New Zealand's own nut and bee for quite some time now. They've got a wonderfully cute selection of stationary, magnets, buttons, and stamps I drool over on a daily basis. In fact I've purchased at least three separate orders from her site and have a stash of nut and bee goodies in my pen pal rubbermaid tote to share with deserving recipients once in a while!

Well my lovely sister pointed out the wonders of (an online print shop) linking up with loads of nut and bee designs! Extra bonus since the nut and bee shop is currently closed while their creator is busy being preggers! One item leslie and I were won over by? A fantastic set of 40 nut and bee moo cards. Take a look at some of my favourites:

Her colours and images are so charming! Leslie bought a set of them as address cards with her address and numbers on the back. Such a great idea! I'm so tempted to get some too but I'm not totally decided on what I'd put on the back of them.

Leslie also suggested that I upload some of my own images onto and make my own cards! I am pretty drawn to the idea of making some postcards for my site or maybe just to send to some selected post buddies. Hmm...any thoughts?


  1. Yeah. Those are all incredibly cool. And I totally recognize the honey bear card!

    That mouse with the tambourine is also particularly awesome, as is the raccoon with the tea set (you had to know I'd single that one out, right?).

  2. Leslie is so awesome! You are incredibly lucky to have a sister like her! tee hee.

    I'd buy Scientific Culture postcards!

    Woo woo moo!

  3. No you wouldn't Leslie. Let's be'd just tell me to give them to you!

  4. Oh true. But I'd deserve them because I came up with the idea. Yay! I can't wait to get my sets of buttons in the mail either!

  5. Do I detect a rivalry between my two daughters? I guess it has been long standing since they were kids. Nut and Bee is very cute, but so is scientific culture. Mom