Wednesday, February 3, 2010


A few of the blogs I follow do feature posts where they show what sweet outfits they wear during the week. I happen to be quite fond of these posts and was delighted to see there is an entire flickr group dedicated to these so-called "bloganistas"! And yes! I just spent 45 minutes searching through the entire group pool drooling over the awesome accessorized outfits everyone in blogland is wearing!

For your listing pleasure allow me to summarize the trends:

1) Cardigans... galore.
2) Coloured tights and loads of skirts
3) Statement chunky jewels
4) Cats in the background
5) Skinny jeans
6) Empire/waist accentuating belts
7) Scarves! So many of them!
8) Structured jackets with loads of buttons
9) Warm neutrals and jewel tones
10) Flats and knee high boots

and over all? WAY COOLER CLOTHES THAN I OWN. Damn it!

I think I need to start dressing more awesomely...and then take photographic evidence. Yup, I'm pretty sure my entire morning of outfit envy has triggered a new 2010 goal of dressing better!!! Ok, I know I'll still revert to pj pants and hoodies while crafting...but maybe a revised goal of "dressing better once in a while and attempting to take pictures of it". That's doable right? What do you think?


  1. you should check out - all outfits, all over the world. really cool to see the different trends, etc.

    i personally like #7 - scarves! i can't get enough of them! of course, i tend to choose function (heat) over form (cuteness factor).. :P

  2. Listen here. You need to go to this site
    My goal in life is to look as amazing as them (even on my best day when I try really hard). Seriously, The post on Jan 28th about the girl buying paint? Who can pull that off? She can.

  3. Shouldn't you stick to one goal at a time? I think you dress just fine already, and I'd rather be able to read a blog post everday than have you look good...(gooder?)