Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Fortune? Yes Please!

Just in case you don't already have enough projects on the go - here is an adorable fortune cookie tutorial that's hard to pass up! I mean look at that wide set eye smile:

So cute! I tried to make a felted fortune cookie back when I lived in nelson (which just so happens to be an xmas tree ornament now i think) but it certainly didn't turn out as good at this pattern! I'm telling you, adding little smiles to things makes every project better. Seriously. And hey, chinese new year is just around the corner (feb 14th) so even more reason to get that hook out! These would totally make cute valentine's too...if you're into that sort of thing...


  1. Lunar New Year, dudette. Lunar New Year. Koreans and other nationalities celebrate it at this time too, not just the Chinese.

    Nonetheless, that's a rad fortune cookie.

    (Grammar Police: shouldn't it be "widely set eyes and smile"? Well, I know it should. I'm just telling you.)

  2. If Leslie wants to correct all the grammar in the world she has her work cut out for her. And what about spelling i need help ever time I write something! Mom

  3. You're totally right about the wide set eyes thing. I hear that NASA is planning to put them on all of the new rockets... and that Mars Explorer thing.

    (Okay. I made all that up. I know absolutely nothing about NASA...)

    Also, a fortune cookie with no fortune is kind of creepy, if you think about it...

  4. oh he (i assume its a boy cookie) is so freaking cute. if i had talent i would make one! and then spend hours and hours trying to decide what to write on the fortune bit!