Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Road Trip: Kelowna

I have returned from the most fantastic road trip to kelowna! It was a wondrous fraser/lindsay/kate music/shopping extravaganza of awesomeness! Seriously! That many slashes are required!! (and exclamation marks!!!!!) So good!

We started off the trip with a great spurt of speedily efficient clothing purchasing and sushi only to be topped by the complete fluke free concert ticket fraser managed to nab for lindsay (who failed at sold out presale ordering). The aiden knight/dan mangan concert turned out to be amazingly perfect! They covered all the possible "excellent show" bases by demonstrating their dreamy musical (sometimes awkward) talents. I even enjoyed the show better than when I saw them both at rifflandia, which I didn't think was even possible! I was really hoping to share some sweet pictures of my well dressed trip but amidst all the excitement my camera never seemed to exit fraser's instead you can catch a glimpse of musical wonderment from dan mangan's photographer jonathan taggart:

Was it ever a great time! The following day was easily one of the most successful shopping expeditions I've had in a while, resulting in a boatload of wonderful retail therapy purchases - take a look:

Awesome right? I can't wait to wear more lindsay/kate bff pen pal identical (or in the rings case - not so identical but similar at least) items! Oh! And the super fantastic woman who owns funktional totally made my monday by 1) letting us come shop (even though funktional is closed on mondays), 2) recommending the best falafel cafe of all time, and 3) offering to carry my felt brooches in her rad shop! Overwhelmingly awesome!

But wait! That's not all!!! My favourite item from the entire trip? My new autographed "nice nice very nice" dan album I got after giving him a set of my love robot buttons! I'm not so secretly hoping he wears them to a show/publicized event in the future and my life will be complete. Because after all...robots need love too...


  1. holy mackerel! You gave him some robot pins!? That's awesome! Definitely an amazingly awesome highlight.

    -Dave/CrazyNewt (Blogger won't let me log in, for some reason!)

  2. That's a lot of shopping. I'm jealous! I wants to goes shoppings!

    Grammar notes: well, actually word-choice notes. Did you mean "spurt" when you said "spout"? Spout doesn't make sense in the context in which you have used it.

    I'll bet you were thinking (during the concert) that it's actually Dan Mangan who needs love too. Saweet Katie loooooove! Hahahahaha.

    Seriously, I'm jealous of zee shoppings! I'll have to try to make up for it this weekend! (Neal says "brutal." What does he know, anyway?)