Monday, February 22, 2010

An Afternoon with Anthrax

As I mentioned on saturday, I had quite the time taking pictures of my cute previously sold out plush bacilli. As always, one mischievous kitty (el gato diablo) also enjoyed my makeshift photo shoot and had quite the time playing/attacking anthrax. Take a look this adorable action sequence:

I wish I'd caught one of those "fangs sunk into gold anthrax flesh with rage" shots but unfortunately am still a little amateur at photography. I'm sure you can imagine just how charming it was though. As soon as he clued into the fact that I was trying to get a nice picture of him he lost interest, especially when chlamydia and e. coli came to join in. Behold:

Yup. That is one unimpressed cat. Alas. One day Percy. At least you've got your looks going for you...


  1. Percy is so cute, that is why we picked him. He is a bit grumpy but he is still the best cat at our house. Mom

  2. Aw, Percy is gorgeous. Love the toys, haha.

  3. Did you try stuffing the other bacilli with catnip? Or perhaps elastic bands?

  4. I love those plush microbes!!
    And your Percy is adorable. :)
    Thanks for sharing.

    (Found you via RikRak's cat post links.)