Monday, February 8, 2010

Cozy Mail

Remember how I won an apple cozy from a giveaway UnravelMe had on facebook? (Of course you do - link). Well it has arrived! Here it is snuggling up to a gala of mine:

How darling! Thanks again UnravelMe! I love it! And hey, we all win because while I get the joys of toting around unbruised apples you get the pleasure of reading about it? Er...yeah...something like that...


  1. It looks even better in person. Mom

  2. Thank you for sharing. It is so cute. Looks great.

  3. Yes, that little cozy will protect against bruising... but will it protect your apple from a BROADSWORD!? I'm working on an apple cozy of mine, made from 100% chainmail.

    An angry Visigoth with abandonment issues couldn't hurt MY apple.

    Or something. I'm pretty sleep deprived right now.

  4. nice!

    I have one of those banana case thingies for apples that someone gave me. I have never used it. Actually, I may have taken it to the thrift store when we moved. Alas.