Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Find: Prost to the Host

Yup. Lucas you are right - I do a lot of posts on pom poms. So it's about time I do a friday find that is pom related right? Lindsay must think so because she sent me a wonderful link to an etsy shop full of tissue pom poms! Super cool! Check out prost to the host's sweet pomtastic goods:

There's an amazing arrangement of colours and sizes ready to ship to meet all your pom pom required celebrations! If they weren't destine to get ridiculously dusty in my room I'd be tempted to decorate with them just for fun...but I think saving them for special occasions might be the best idea. Oh pom poms! How I love you!!


  1. Let's try to make those sometime!

  2. Now these pom poms I love! Mom (Tired from my trip to Vancouver.)