Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Find: Shabby Vintage Mom

This week's find is etsy's very own "shabby vintage mom" that I conveniently spotted after last weekend's blitz of chalkboard crafts I shared with all of you. This shop is all about revamping vintage and teaches us that a fresh coat of paint and a little imagination can do wonders! Check out one of their magnetic chalkboards:

What fun! I love all the bright colours they use to spruce up the frames - and if you aren't the chalkboard type you can always go for one of their cork boards or mirrors! Shabby vintage mom has inspired me to add "old ugly ornate picture frames" to my list of things I'm constantly thrifting for! Any other takers?


  1. There is a mirror here with a tire frame. Mom (okay, I know it is yours but is right in sight of the computer.)

  2. Thanks for the feature on your Blog~ thank goodness for google alerts or I wouldn't have known :) So glad you liked the Chalkboard♥ Thanks again I appreciate the mention.