Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bag tutorials for all!

Nothing like a little dose of free internet purse tutorials to spice up your Tuesday! Thanks to the sweet link love from how about orange - here are 12 great bags to chose from:

So many fantastic options! (Click on the image above to get individual pattern links). If only I had more time (and a better fabric selection)!! I spent a while trying to decide on which one I'd like to tackle first (and by tackle I mean ask mom to help me make) and my first reaction was to do this one:

I love that honey comb and the single pleats! It's a great size bag for toting around just enough crap too (haha - too bad I'm serious). But I quickly realized that I probably wouldn't be able to find such amazing fabric and a leather strap so I converted my tutorial attention to this one:

You still get the visual interest of a few pleats and that great bag size! I just need to find some killer fabric to put this pattern to work, which hopefully will surface with a quick trip to ikea at the end of the month (oh yeah lindsay and fraser - can we stop by ikea?)! I'd actually really like to use that grey leaf print fabric my mom's purse is made from so hopefully ikea still has a yard or two kicking around! Sweet! We'll have (sort of) matching bags mom! We're that cool! Leslie will be so jealous...


  1. All the bags look easy enough to sew. The trick is to get nice fabric. Mom

  2. Man, I need new glasses. When I saw the honeycomb one, I thought those little red spots were drops of BLOOD. And I thought "whoa, Kate has an edge to her... a dark side, even."

    Then I took another look, and realized that yeah, I'm blind. :)

  3. MAKE ME ONE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm jealous. I want to make all those bags. I need a sewing machine. Hint, hint.

  4. This looks like Frank Undone...Just saying...