Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring into pictures!

The other day I was talking to my sister about my blog and she suggested I take more pictures of my life and share them in blog form. Since I'm always up for bloggy ideas, I decided to try give it a try. Plus with the weather finally perking up it is much easier to take a few non-percy shots for a change. So let me take you on my journey of my day off...

Let's begin by waiting for my dear friend jim to arrive so we could walk to the park with his dog brandy. It's super nice out and I snap some shots of some flowers in mom's yard:

How nice! Alice even made it in there! I took close to 30 pictures and these are the only 3 that were up to par...looks like I need some practice... But look! Jim is here! And so is brandy (excited as ever) let's head to the park! (time to insert cute animal pictures)

Aww...aren't they cute! Oops...looks like a percy shot got in there after all....(he is so adorable!). So we walk over to the park where we quickly get booted out by bylaw officers telling us, "there are no dogs allowed in McGowan Park!". Shucks. On the stroll home we spotted a cat that might rival percy for "el gato diablo" status:

That's quite the snarly glare...cute yes, but snarly. So time to take the dog home and instead go downtown for some delish hot house mexican:

Nummers! What a great day!

Okay - this photo journalism thing might take a bit of work - but I gave it a go! And, to be completely honest, the day off was pretty sweet (minus the getting kicked out of the park bit). We also saw a girl wearing silly glasses that had a fake mustache attached but I wasn't quick enough on the draw to capture them. Next time...assuming I don't scare you all away with this post...any suggestions for me?

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  1. Pregnant McCurrachs - two are arriving today. (Okay, there are only two.) Mom