Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sushi Cupcakes please!

Nom nom! Even though I would never want fish flavoured cakes, glue and glitter's sushi style cupcakes would really hit the spot:

I love the little ginger and wasabi fondant detail on the plate too! I'm always in awe of the creative things people can do with cupcakes and really wish I had a kitchen to get baking in (hint hint dad!). The most creative thing I ever really did with decorating cupcakes is these conversation heart inspired ones from a valentine's day biochemistry club bake sale back in university:

Not too shabby for a first attempt. I'd like to say I have a pretty good handle on piping with icing - but not exactly the most wild and crazy of a design. Alas, in the mean time I guess I'll just drool over these sushi ones and get brainstorming...


  1. Is that... coconut!? THey look amazing.

    See, whenever I make cupcakes, they usually wind up being of the "see how many M&Ms I can stick on this wad of icing" variety. And then, of course, I give them away because I can't really eat them.

  2. Those cupcakes are AMAZING! I really want to try making fondant -- all those cake-making shows on tv inspire me! And I do love both sushi AND cupcakes... mmmmmm (though, as you said, probably not sushi-flavoured cupcakes).