Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Collected: Rings

Stage two in my collections posts - the wonderful world of jewelry! In particular? Rings! Wonderful rings! What better way to add a little interest, colour, or shine to an outfit than with the subtle (or bold) statement of a ring. This collection isn't quite as old as my pinback button one, but I do have a few pieces I've been holding on for a few years at least. When I went to take a picture of my assortment I quickly realized that the hello kitty Chinese take out tin I keep them in isn't the best for showcasing...but even if you can't really differentiate they do look pretty:

Yup. Looks like a silver mass. So I decided to set them out on the ring holder fraser made for my fabric rings at my craft show. Much better. Take a look:

I love how each one holds little memories of when I got it, or where from, or what I did one day while wearing one! Such fun! And apparently I really like silver...and turquoise... It also made me realize that if I used this doweling as my ring stand I've got a long way to go before filling it. Especially at this angle:

Perfect! Room to grow! So fraser - feel free to get buying (size 6). Wait, this feels familiar, I've written about this before (here actually). Rats. I'm a broken record. Oh well, I'll build up my ring collection slowly over the next decade then. If only I had unlimited funds...

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  1. Nice collection! Now how many of those were bought by me (for you)? I think I have fewer rings, but I do have about a million earrings and necklaces. Maybe Fraser would make me a holder for those!