Saturday, May 8, 2010

Decoy Post!

As you may recall, last month my tea button set was featured in a mother's day treasury on etsy! I loved the treasury so much that I purchased something from one of the other featured etsians and challenged my readers to guess which item that was. Well, you all pretty much pegged me and at long last the exciting wait for it to arrive is over! Check out the wonderful owl brooch I got from decoylab:

I love it even more in person and it was do darned affordable! I took advantage of the $2 shipping and threw in another pin I am equally swooning over:

That little hedgehog is so cute! Both the pins are amazingly high quality and their neutral bamboo colouring makes them a perfect addition to (almost) any outfit! Sweet! And to top off all the etsy purchasing wonderment they also sent me an awesome free postcard with the pins! Eee! Nothing beats free post related goods:

I think it is quite obvious who will end up getting this one, but I won't spoil the surprise and keep you all waiting. Oh, except that I am apparently really easy to figure out (hence how you all figured out I snagged the owl pin from that treasury)...oh lips are sealed...


  1. Is it going to my baby???

    Nice brooches. I hope I get one of those attached to my groovy postcard!

    Hehe :)

  2. I love the hedgehog! Which is funny as as I have a ton of owl collectables, and I only have one hedgehog. I imagine the hedgehog is something I got in England, purchased on one of my trips to England as a child. Mom