Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Speaking of freebies and post...

I'm officially old. I am still beyond exhausted from my weekend (well mostly just saturday) events and haven't had a chance to sit down and blog about it! Not to worry, I'm still keeping with the post a day resolution as you get the joys of peeking at some lovely pre-scheduled blog-ness. Hooray! Hopefully tonight after work I'll be able to get a little writing done...or not...sit tight and see!

A while back, Kristin of sweeter than me designs had a super fun facebook giveaway promising a free item to anyone who properly guessed the sex of her upcoming unborn child. Well my keen wit led me to guessing a boy and I was right! Check out the fantastic gold locket I picked out:

I particularly like the chain length on this piece when its on and the bring colours are great for spring and summer! Plus this also lead to a wonderful mail day! Yay! Thanks so much Kristin for the generous giveaway! If only all pregnant people wanted to give me free stuff (hint hint leslie)...


  1. Neat. I am hoping Leslie's baby is a ..... oh, forget it no pressure - I'll be happy with it no matter the sex! Mom

  2. Hardy har har! As if I don't give you free stuff all the time! I'll give you a free thank you card and picture of the baby when it comes around and you give it lots of presents!

    That is an awesome necklace. I really like her stuff.