Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Find: Baby Threadless

This weeks find comes from the wonderful suggestion of my ever-lovin' sis. If you aren't up on all the hot gossip (okay - not that hot of gossip), leslie is preggers and being in the secluded (sort of) north of british columbia, she's resorted to online shopping for cute baby attire! Being a threadless fan for the last few years (I have racked up a good 15+ t-shirts now) I was pleased to find out they have a kids section too! So behold - a selection of my favourite threadless onsies:

How cute! Leslie even purchased two of these (I'll leave it up to your imagination which two she's bought) and as it happens I also have one of these designs in adult shirt form! Hurrah!

In case you aren't familiar with the threadless site (which you soon will be by reading this), it's an online t-shirt company from chicago with an ongoing open call for shirt designs. Anyone can submit ideas and if you're chosen you get your design printed and a butt load of cash! Double win! New designs and reprints come out every monday and once they're sold out they're gone so you need to snag them quickly. They have a plethora of witty, spectacular choices and I'm so pleased to see that they are available for wee ones too! Your baby will be the best dressed smithereen for sure leslie! For sure!


  1. we went with Threadless shirts for my teen and preteen nephews for x-mas gifts this year. Our cool Aunt and Uncle titles are still intact.

  2. Got to love Threadless shirts for any age. Mom

  3. I can guess which two I bought! But which one do you have??? Will you match the niece or nephew? That would be super cute, and make a nice blog post/threadless post!

  4. Oh my gosh those are adorable!!!