Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Find: Miniature Rhino

This week's find I was introduced to thank to the Kamloops Daily News! (I know - talk about an abnormal source!). There was an article on the rise of DIY with an image of a custom tree stump embroidery hoop used as a wedding memorial piece (found here). My mom saw it and though I'd enjoy it so she ripped out the page and saved it for me. To my surprise, a few days later I saw the same embroidered piece while searching on etsy! Miniature Rhino is a wonderful shop that not only carries charming embroidery, but also photography, letter paraphernalia, and an assortment of paper goods. My personal favourite is the tree stump embroidery (this time without the wedding date):

What simple and powerful designs with glorious muted tones perfect to match any decor! And who knew the kamloops newspaper was so up on the times of internet handmade goods? Just goes to show you - etsy pops up everywhere! Way to go crafting world!


  1. I just came across this shop recently as well! Good choice for a pick - Their stuff is so cute!

  2. hi there! thanks for the shout outs & I'm so curious about this article. so they used one of my images to illustrate the text? I checked their site and couldn't find anything. Could you scan/send me one!? I'd really, really appreciate that! I can give you my address in an email!