Sunday, May 30, 2010

On the way!

Just as I hinted to my facebook fans, I'm finally on the road to making scientific culture pocket mirrors! I have been waffling over this idea for quite some time (look - blog evidence from january!) so I've decided to take the plunge and try them out! Oh, that and I've been promising chandra a foxie one for much too long. So now it's onto deciding which designs make the cut and would be best in 2.25 inch mirrored wonder. Here's a sneak peek at some I've been thinking of:

Yeti will be sure to make an appearance in there as well but I've love to know if there are any other designs you'd swooning to see in the pocket mirror form! After all, it is all about you, and I clearly have no idea what designs and items will sell!

Oh! In other news, I'm on the road today! I'm off to vancouver with my dearest friends lindsay and fraser for a few days of much needed r&r and mumford and sons:

Yay! Nothing like a little banjo to spice up the end of may! Plus by the time we make our way back, fraser will be 30 (I know, I'm dating an old man) to add to the excitement. But not to worry you'll still have some scheduled bloggy goodness and I will be back soon enough to mail out any surges of etsy sales (hah) and read any wonderfully appreciated comments! Love to know what you all think about the mirrors! See you all thursday!


  1. Well, you need the Foxy one... because a mirror is totally for the "foxey ladies". I'd also say Love Robot and the beakers, but that's just me.

    Enjoy the band! It's a weird picture of them! Like an old-timey band of vagrants (and I mean that in a good way...)

  2. i would buy a tea bag pocket mirror. :D