Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Collected: Pinback Buttons

I've been wanting to do a little blog feature on some of my collections for a while now since:

1) loads of blogs seem to be doing that these days and I just love reading about them
2) I have a butt load of things I collect (like cards! from this post)
3) no better way to peek into "the life of kate" than to catch a glimpse into "the mass amounts of things kate collects"! (And that is what blogging is all about right?)

So let's start off the collections posts with one of my oldest obsessions - pinback buttons! I've been holding onto these from before I can remember and they've accumulated all over the house (yup - sewing room, craft totes, multiple bulletin boards, get the idea...). Pins are great! They don't take up a huge amount of space, they're bright and fun, they don't break the bank, and they are awesome keepsakes from different concerts, events, and trips! Take a gander of sampling of my collection:

I guess you can imagine why I was compelled to make such an elaborate pinback button line in my etsy shop! Buttons are wonderful! My collection used to grow much more quickly back when thimble had their sweet "button of the month club" (shown in the lower right corner), but continues to expand nonetheless (not to worry). Pulling out all my buttons actually really made me want to start that shadowbox button frame I was talking about a few weeks back (here), but have a few too many things ahead of it on the to do list for now. But hey, next time you see a super awesome pinback button (or two) be sure to pick them up! Even if you never wear them (ahem - like me?), they're a great thing to hold onto...or you can give them to me...I wouldn't mind...I promise...


  1. Haha, loving the ones in the bottom left corner.

  2. Why didn't you point out the one of you in your pink soccer t-shirt in the upper right hand corner? I think you were in grade one or kindergarten when it was taken. You were so adorable! Mom

  3. Very nice! Stephen Harper really DOES hate me!