Thursday, May 20, 2010

Orchid Update

Recall that post I did a while ago about how my mom's plant neglect allowed her to get her orchid to rebloom? (No? Look here then). Well it's one month later and that orchid is still going strong! All four of the flowers are in bloom too! Take a look:

Perhaps it was worth the three years of ugly plant to get this result? Or perhaps not...Either way apparently I made a blog post out of it! Haha.

In other news I've decided that showcase some of my mom's flowers for the days I go on vacation (well, if that ever happens). I'd really like to keep this "a blog post a day" thing going strong and I figure that will be a nice way to keep you entertained (somewhat) and let me enjoy a blog free weekend or two! Mom - I sure hope your garden is ready for this - by the state of that half dead apple tree and leaf-less grapes I'd be weary! We'll see's just an idea in the works for now...unless anyone has any other great ideas? Or wants to write a few guest posts??? (hint hint scientific culture and leslie....)


  1. What a beautiful picture you took, Kate. Mom

  2. Too bad your blog doesn't have smell-o-vision!

    I will consider a guest post or two, as long as I get to rant about improper parallelism and other grammatical things. For example, who writes, "the state of that half dead apple tree and leaf-less grapes" anyway??? ;P

    It should clearly be either "leaf-less grape" or "those leaf-less grapes." Sheesh!

  3. wow! that's one big orchid!