Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Find: The Crafty Hedgehog

While strolling the internet isles of the maker's market science section I came across a darling shop that sells knitted dissections called aKNITomy. How charming! And educational to boot! I quite like the bisected human head:

Quite the textural masterpiece! And if you'd prefer the dissection of non humans, check out the frog, alligator, and lab rat:

Mmm...sort of disturbing...but charming nonetheless! Turns out the crafty hedgehog has a shop on etsy too with loads of knitted goods to chose from! You can even get DIY kits to make your own dissected buddies just in case you don't like paying someone else to do your knitting for you! Cool! If only I knew how to knit...


  1. What a lot of work! Creepy, too. Mom

  2. Those are pretty cool! I'd actually be interested in one of the DIY kits (though that's because I'm addicted to DIY kits - which I rarely finish). I have to say though, that is the nicest (and smallest) lab rat I've ever seen dissected. The one I dissected in high school was about the size of a chihuahua and had turned yellow from the formaldehyde or whatever preservative it had been floating in. Yuck! I then poked it with my pencil, wrote "rat pencil" on that pencil, and continued to use if for the rest of the year.

    I guess you can see why I'd like to knit something creepy and cool like this!

  3. Hmmmm. Interesting. Very creative, but I'm not so sure I'd want something like that in my living room. :) But then again, I didn't like disections when I was in school either.

    Nice find!