Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Collected: Music

Let the collections continue with a peek into my world of music! Until recently I wasn't much of a cd connoisseur, actually I'm still not really. Why you may wonder? Because there is nowhere to get awesome (not main stream) cds in kamloops! Seriously....nowhere! The one sort of cool shop closed down a while ago (jim told me that is because I didn't buy enough albums from them) and there is no way I'll find anything worth while at wal-mart of future shop. Ick. So itunes, concerts, and lindsay's "trevor the great kelowna connection" seem to be where it's at. That being said, I have racked up my fair share of music from shows (even a few signed ones). Take a look at the stack I've compiled since the birth of this blog:

Lovely! But truly mp3 format is the way to go in my books, so let's depart from the physical and look at the digital:

Ooo! A precious limited time sneaky look at my desktop! And my itunes! Perhaps some zooming in is in order:

That's right. 8102 songs. So even if you were scoffing at the tiny pile of plastic at the beginning of this post, don't worry. I think 20.7 days of music is enough to consider it a collection (although I'm sure many of you out there would top that number). And even if I am one to listen to a song on repeat for a few days (obsessive much? perhaps...), I do appreciate having such a great vast musical selection to go to when the mood strikes. Although after seeing that zoomed in rufus wainwright number who needs that much music when you have him? (oh and cbcr3...) *sigh*


  1. Oh, oh you are taking after your Dad. You should see his collection of records under the stairs! And let's not forget his CDs stashed all over the house and car. Mom

  2. Ah, yes. The CD hoarding. My list is getting up there, too. And I totally agree - itunes is the way to go. But I've been buying a lot of vinyls lately. Strangely, Victoria doesn't have very many good independant record stores. Which sucks.

  3. But what will happen in 30years when you want to listen to your 'vintage-extremely rare music'? There will be a computer,that can't be hooked up to the internet [or it will delete everything], that takes FOREVER to boot up, and that only has two little computer speakers to hear out of. What will happen then?

  4. Nice stack... but aren't you supposed to be saving money for school??? Shame!

    Yes, I know you're supporting independent artists, and their good tunes probably help when you're being crafty, but holy that's a lot of concerts! (I'm clearly very jealous.)

    Maybe you can recoup some of the losses by getting really good at playing the banjo and making your own cds!