Sunday, October 17, 2010

The absolute ultimate!

Whenever I see something I'm particularly fond of on the internet I usually save the link as a draft post for the blog. That way when I'm in need of a few more blog posts (blogging every day can be quite taxing on the creativity) I can flip back through my drafts for inspiration! Well today's post is inspired from a link I saw back in july! Perhaps a little dated (as this pertains to summer much more than fall/winter) but let's be realistic here - there is always room for gidget:

If you're unfamiliar with gidget, not to worry. It is a teen movie staring sandra dee (whom you probably recognize from the grease song) from 1959 so chances are either (1) you weren't born yet (and since you are successfully navigating the internet there is a high chance of this) or (2) your parents didn't have an opportunity to expose to to such a masterpiece of pop teen surfing movie culture! Well I certainly love the movie and apparently this one little film and its resultant legacy is credited to have been the single main influence in bringing surfing and surfing culture into the american mainstream! Way to go gidge'!

Being such a loyal fan I'm sure you can understand how ridiculously excited I was to see etsy's blog (the storque) do an article on getting the look of gidget! That's right - after all this time sandra dee is back - in the form of preppy 60's fashion. Forget cleavage and skin - give us the allure of coyness and sweetheart style. Take a look on some of the article's picks:

Looks fun to me! Especially since I am all about keeping it covered up! And if you aren't aiming to go all vintage you can always work a few sandra dee type pieces into your wardrobe for a hint of gidget! Perfect! Oh - and if this post has left you craving a gidget movie night - come on over! I'll get the VHS warmed up...


  1. I love Gidget! I've been watching these movies with my mom since I was a kid. She got the dvds not too long ago and we had a Gidget marathon. It was the best! They never get old. :) I love the poofy dresses from Gidget, too! They are so wonderful.

  2. You forgot to mention Moondoggie and how he looks like Zac Ephron (or is it vice versa?).

    The only problem I'd have with '60s style would be the bras. I'm not into torpedo boobs.

  3. I watched Gidget when I was younger too. Mom