Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Find: Lee Meszaros

Today's find, Lee Meszaro, was a natural pick in my books for oh so many reasons. That's right - list time!

1) She makes "be proud" merit badges. Allowing you to celebrate the simple things in life and conveniently display it for the world to see in a brooch type fashion (yup they have pins on the back)!

2) Her badge images are always based on a play on words, which is sort of like a pun...and puns are wonderful.

3) She is a master of all trades by combining silkscreening, painting, and hand embroidery!

4) She's Canadian (and sells online for worldwide access)


5) She's buddies with bespoke uprising (which I had as a find about a month ago)!!!

So awesome! Take a look at some of her wonderful badges:

These ones are for "going out in a limb", "tooting your own horn", "being a smitten kitten", "being sharp as a tack", "being nutty as a squirrel", and "tying the knot"! Fun! I totally think these would be a super fun and quirky gift idea and they even come with a certificate to help explain what you're getting your merit badge for! I also really like her drawing style and the whole handmade charm the badges are oozing!

I also totally think many of my friends (in particular quinn and lucas) could really work these into their already amazing wardrobes and single-handedly start the merit badge accessory craze! Okay...maybe I am getting a little far out with that one...but I do like them an awful lot! What do you think?


  1. they look like fun! I think the squirrel describes me best. Mom

  2. Sweet! I have a friend with the last name Meszaros. I wonder if they're related!

  3. !!! when i saw the pictures i was thinking about all the things i could wear with them!! and then i read the end of the post hahaha